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The Intellect Bazaar (TIB)

TIB Yoga Mat 4mm Anti-Skid EVA Yoga Mats for Women Yoga Mat with Strap | Anti Slip Yoga Mat for Men Exercise Mat | Yoga Mate Gym Mats for Workout At Home Yogaa Mats

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  • Yoga Mats that are comfortable for people of all sizes and shapes are 6 feet long and 2 feet broad (183 cm X 61 cm). The Yoga Mat 4mm premium Yoga Mats' very durable EVA material provides comfortable cushioning for the spine, hips, knees, and elbows on hard flooring. For men and women of various forms, the Yoga Mat size is ideal. For both men and women, this is the ideal Yoga Mat.
  • Yoga Mat with Strap - Our TIB EVA yoga mats all-purpose premium training mat comes with a yoga mat strap. This yoga mat for women also has easy strapping and is lightweight for portability and storage. Bring your yoga mats with you and flaunt them with ease!
  • Anti-Slip Yoga Mat with Extra Grip - TIB EVA Gym Mat has double-sided non-slip surfaces for exceptional slip resistance, allowing you to do any motion with assurance and preventing accidents. The bottom side of our anti-skid yoga mat is wavy, which provides you with the extra traction you need while preventing the Workout Mat from sliding on the floor. The hands and feet won't slide out of place thanks to the lovely texture on the top surface.
  • EVA is a very strong substance, making it ideal for yoga mats for women. It has a longer lifespan than a typical, cheap yoga mat! There are no hazardous elements in these yoga mats for guys to use at home. For our clients, we aim to produce top-notch fitness mats.
  • The Yoga Mat will have little odor because of newness. But we assure you it will go after some uses. Rest assured quality will be good.
  • Workout mat that is sweat-resistant and machine-washable - the next time, don't worry if you perspire while using a yoga mat. The training mat for women contains a moisture-resistant technology that entirely resists sweat, making the gym mats simple to wash with detergent and water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Vikas Parashar
Yoga Mat For Yog Classes

1. Awesome adjustable yoga mat.
2. Flexible and rubber mix.
3. Length is accurate and as per dimension.
4. Feel very comfortable when you seat on this mat.
5. Price is generally genuine.

Satya Narayan
Yoga mat is great deal

Yoga Mat Anti-Skid EVA Yoga Mats is useful for every men, Women, and all of child. Nice quality. Foldable and easy to carry anywhere. Great deal. Every one should be buy.

Anil Sharma JI
Yoga mat is very important

If yo look for some casual or solid yoga mat then your search is end here. this is better yoga mat. Stretchable and foldable. You can also travel with this. Hang anwhere. Quality is fabulous.

Yoga Mat for Yog Classes

Ultimate Yoga Mat. Its very comfortable. Rubber of mat is so soft and looks great. Its foladable and easy to carry anywhere. 100% paisa vasul shopping. Great deal.

VS3 Services
excellent yoga mat

the yoga mat is superb . quality is good of exercise mat . it had odour but it was described before that it will have little smell. but after some uses the smell went away . the overall quality is good .